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2016 BFA Painting and Printmaking

Montana State University School of Art


2011 MCAD Summer Sessions Painting




Inside/ Outside the Box, December 2017

Main Gallery, 

Corvallis, OR


Communities West III October 2017

Exit Gallery,

Bozeman, MT


Solar Eclipse August-September 2017

Corrine Woodman Gallery
Corvallis, OR 


Muriel Condon, Recent Works

December 2016

Bison Bison Gallery

Corvallis, OR


Small Prints '16

A6 Studio and Gallery

Bend, OR


Oh, Wind Solo exhibition January  2016

Exit Gallery, Bozeman MT



Vox Populi January 2016

Helen E. Copeland, Bozeman MT



All Face Exhibition October 2015

Cottonwood Club, Bozeman MT



Communities West, print portfolio

October 2015 Robert and Jenny Deweese Gallery 



Cezanne’s Path

Waller Yoblonsky Gallery, 2015 Bozeman MT



Wabi-Sabi Print Show 2014

Exit Gallery, Bozeman MT



Vox Populi 2014

Helen E. Copeland Gallery



Reinvigorated: The Self Portrait 2014

Exit Gallery, Bozeman MT



Prints and Pots + Patinas 2014

Waller Yoblonsky Gallery, Bozeman MT



Kicking Trash and Taking Names 2014

Cheever Gallery, Bozeman MT



Upheaval 2013

SUB Ballroom, Bozeman MT







Post Graduate Appretice 

The Fabric Worksop and Museum

Spring 2017 


Frogman's Print Workshops Assistant 

Summer 2016


President of Student Printmakers Association of Montana (SPAM)/ MSU Printmaking Guild



Illustrator- The Exponent newspaper


Jesse Wilber Gallery Attendant


Volunteer Emerson Cultural Center Summer Education Classes Assistant


Mural Painting -Irving Elementary School Gym Mural


Art Director

-Bozeman High Yearbook 2011-12

-Bozeman High Art Club 2011-12



Bronze Pencil Award in Printmaking

      Montana State School of Art


Richard Helzer Scholarship 


Haynes Scholarship


Incoming Freshman Scholarship

       Montana State School of Art





Communities West Exchange Portfolio


-CU Boulder permanent collections


-Silverbow print collection in Butte, MT