Photo by Carlo Avendaño,

courtesy of the Farbric Workshop and Museum 

For the past several years my work has utilized print, craft, and the symbolism of objects to examine the interaction and distinction of food and fabric, poverty and divinity, domesticity and digestion. Both the aesthetics and content of my work have been informed by my childhood following the aftermath of my family’s involvement in the controversial, new age church, Church Universal and Triumphant. Iconography and color were employed as a form of communication, seen in the community’s home decor, but also in opulent, imposing meeting rooms furnished by grandiose portraits and silken throws. Playing with the human body as a vessel of experience, I explore memories of textures, tastes, beliefs, domestic altars, plates of food, and ephemeral touch. Working within print, and using the multiple, I allude back to the cell: a repeated element coming together to create one unit. I use the idea of the cell as a product or base of digestion; your intake creating your reality. The act of digesting is crucial as a metaphor for taking your surroundings and understanding them, like the process of food becoming your physical body. In my pieces the use of cellular or food substances refers back to this state of an active mental metabolism.

Muriel Condon received her BFA from Montana State University in Printmaking and Painting in 2016. That summer she was an assistant at Frogman’s Print Workshops in Omaha, Nebraska. Soon after the workshops wrapped up, she moved to Corvallis, Oregon, where she has resided for three years. She spent the spring of 2017 exploring the interaction of cloth and print as a postgraduate apprentice at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. In Eugene, Oregon, Muriel continued to work with fabric and printing at Whiteaker Printmakers, where she eventually worked as a summer assistant. Before moving to Knoxville, she participated in the Print Arts Northwest’s Emerging Printmaker residency and was an instructional assistant for screen printing at Linn-Benton Community College. 

In fall 2019 she will begin as incoming graduate at University of Tennessee, Knoxville for Printmaking.